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More Than 40 Years Of Chiropractic Care

More Than 40 Years Of Chiropractic Care

More Than 40 Years Of Chiropractic CareMore Than 40 Years Of Chiropractic Care

More About Cold Laser Therapy



 Our mission statement is simply “Quality Not Compromise” is ingrained in every aspect of our business,from an unwavering belief in the limitless potential applications of low- level laser, down to the care and quality of the smallest component of our devices. 

how it works


 Cold Laser therapy quickly reduces swelling and inflammation. It delivers therapeutic light energy to the affected area using different wavelengths of low level light that the body's tissue absorbs. This treatment causes the damaged cells to respond and promote cell regeneration. Laser therapy increases blood circulation and improves the effected joints range of motion, this helps decrease the amount of pain during joint movement.  

sports injuries and cold laser


 Injuries are a common occurrence in sports. We’ve successfully treated many sports injuries that include ankle sprains/strains, torn hamstrings, meniscus medial/lateral, rotator cuff injuries and shoulder tendinitis. Cold Laser therapy eliminates the need for pain medication sooner if at all than with other treatment options.



  Q. What are the benefits of low-laser therapy?A. Low level laser therapy is a non-invasive, fast and effective modality that has been proven in clinical trials to reduce pain, reduce edema, and promote healing. 

Q. Is low-level laser therapy painful?A. No, most people do not feel anything.  For those that have reported a feeling, it is nothing more than a slight tingling.  

A. This is dependent of the application; however, progress is immediately evident.  



Cold Laser Therapy "Helped with this one too!  (Referring to photo) Also has helped with my chronic joint pain from Lyme and separated meniscus!" 

~Tara Kenny-McAlister

"Worked for me, I am not a high school athlete. Cold laser therapy helped with me stiff old knees." 

~Barbara Bailey

Cold laser testimonials


"Works for these two kids!! Thanks Dr Lundgren for reducing their pain and helping them stay active!!   🏈⚽️" 

~Sharon Franks Fawcett