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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Sonshine Soup Kitchen, 6 Crystal Ave, Derry, NH

 "On behalf of the Sonshine Soup Kitchen, we want to thank you for your generous donation of a silent auction item for our upcoming April Fools Gala.  The two gift certificates for massages are sure to be popular items on our auction table and help provide us with much needed funds to meet the code requirements for our new building..."

Julie, Pelham NH

 "I have been seeing a chiropractor for about 25 years, ever since my neck started acting up. As I got older, the lower back started to complain as well, and the pain grew to affect every aspect of my day – sitting, standing or laying down. Dr. Lundgren, who I've seen for almost a decade, is one of the best ones I've seen to address these issues. My pain level and ease of movement have improved. When I feel any pain, Dr. Lundgren can halt its progression and get me on the path to recovery. He seems to genuinely care about the health of patients. I trust him to do what is best to get me moving freely again." 

Adriana, Londonderry NH

 "I just want everyone, especially those is Derry, Londonderry    etc to know, that Dr. Lundgren of  Lundgren Chiropractic is absolutely amazing. He's so kind and patient and listens. I'm walking, sitting and standing!!!  I have no pain. #blessed "

Kim, Londonderry NH

 "Dr. Lundgren is a miracle worker!  I've been seeing him for nearly ten years! I've never been able to move so well, exercise so  well, actually , live so well!  Thank you Dr. Lundgren!!"

Tracy - Deerfield NH

 "Dr Lundgren is very kind, empathetic and caring.  I have had a number of occasions where I have been in so much pain and was given an appointment right away."

Aley M. - Sumner WA

 "Dave took good care of me in my thirties when I was taking karate and needing his adjustments! A graduate of Palmer, his expertise and also his ability to be friendly and helpful was always a pleasure. Now I am married to a chiropractor who graduated from Palmer! We stopped in to see him a few years back...and they exchanged adjustments! Glad to see he is still working...."